Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Success: Top Tips For Success As A Teenager

The teenage years can be a very confusing time filled with anxiety; or it may be a very comfortable experience for you, especially in high school. However, when high school is over and the party is done; who are you really? You've invested so much time in building the greatest social media profiles, building your reputation at school; living in a superficial realm of your own creation.

You will wake up one day and wonder why life feels so empty and lonely in spite of the fact that you have so many followers, friends and connections. It is indeed a sobering experience that takes hold of those people who are innately deep thinkers but against their better judgement; chose quantity over quality by investing a great deal of their time in superficial systems. You may not ever acknowledge that you've felt this way but there is a longing inside of you that won't stop chafing your conscience until you find one thing: Direction.

I am not saying that you shouldn't be enjoying yourself and having fun; by all means have fun in everything that you do. But commit yourself to something because it is something that you want to do, not because if you don't, people will think you aren't cool. Realize that your friends won't necessarily support you and the changes you begin to make; but that is one of the best things that can happen to you. 'Trimming the fat' so to speak, leaving the people behind who don't add any value to your life or support your decision to evolve don't deserve to be there in the first place. Usually, the negativity inside of a teenage mind is worsened by the stupid things that the people around us say; there is enough negativity in the world -- leave these people in the dust, if they chase you and earnestly want to reconnect with you, then allow them to be a part of your life again provided that they do not go back to their old ways.

Now here are some powerful tips for great teenage success:
  • Limit the time spent on social media - I am 19 years old, so I understand just how much time can be wasted on technology; specifically a cellphone. My phone was stolen two weeks ago and it is the best thing that could have happened to me. Once you spend less time doing things that add no value to your life and instead spend that time enriching yourself; your life begins to shape and mold itself into exactly what you want it to be. 
  • Know yourself, then pick a direction - Spend time doing things you love. Meditate on all the benefits that it brings into your life and then see how you can develop a plan to turn your passion into a possible career option.
  • Lose the dead weight - Cut out the 'friends' that offer nothing but poisonous advice and negativity to your life. There is no place for that kind of behaviour at any stage of your life and you should value yourself highly enough to get rid of these people. This does wonders for self-confidence and overall positivity.
  • Read - Pick up a book on anything that expands your knowledge base. Stop spending hours on watching your favourite TV show and instead use that time to invest in yourself by reading. You'll notice in as little as a few days how you begin to see things in a different light.
  • Make mistakes - You should know that throughout your life you will make mistakes. Look at the mistake from every possible angle except for a negative one and take the lessons from it. Your teenage years are meant to be spent getting to know yourself; you can't accomplish this by trying to be perfect all the time. It's okay to make mistakes!
These tips are a culmination of the lessons that life has taught me through the years. I can only offer it to you so that it may be a beacon on your journey into adulthood. Learn to live a genuine life; free from the confines of social expectation and you will have learnt to be happy.

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Shoulder Training: Tips To Create Round, Powerful Deltoids!

Shoulders can be a particularly tricky area to develop especially if your motivation is dropping from the frustration of not seeing results. This becomes common when trainers aren't making use of specific exercises, stick to isolation exercises or never change their shoulder routine. The shoulder muscle as a whole consists of three parts; each with a specific function and optimal way to train them meaning that there are specific exercises that you can do in order to spark new growth in the shoulders.

The anterior deltoid: Known commonly as the 'front delts' are part of the shoulder that lies in the front of the body, on either side of the chest. They're heavily involved in all chest workouts and tend to take over when doing other pressing movements.

The medial deltoid: Known commonly as the 'side delts' are part of the shoulder that lies in the middle of the other heads of the shoulder, on the outside of the arm. These are worked to a large degree when doing a standing pulling exercise where the elbows are at face level and the wrists are lower than the elbow. These are worked only moderately in traditional shoulder press movements.

The posterior deltoid: Known commonly as the 'rear delts' are part of the shoulder that that lies at the back of the body and found on either side of the trapezius muscles. These are worked as secondary muscles in all pulling exercises but in order to fully develop need further isolated training.

The major mistake that trainers make is over-using over head pressing movements to stimulate holistic growth in the shoulder. While this is a fantastic exercise that has been used as a staple in bodybuilding for a very long time; most of its focus lies on the anterior deltoid, leaving little work to be done for the medial and posterior muscles of the shoulder.

Now that we understand the location of each head of the shoulders and what kind of exercises they respond to; here are tips to bring great size and shape to the shoulders:
  • Seated rear delt raises - Often enough, trainers neglect to train their rear delts in favour of training the front or side delts. They'll throw in one or two sets for rear delts and call it a day. Seated rear delt raises, when keeping the body low and still, allows you to isolate the rear delts in a way that allows for maximum growth. Also, doing exercises such as face pulls and pull ups work the rear delts sufficiently enough to cause growth. 
  • Side raises - Hold a pair of dumbbells next to your sides so that the bottom of them are parallel to the floor. Raise your elbows slowly and in a very controlled fashion until your elbows are in line with your lower jaw and your wrists are in line with your pectoral muscles. This exercises helps to target the side delts to a degree that few other exercises can match.
  • Front raises - Your front delts do not need nearly as much work to develop if you're working your chest properly and doing over head presses. However, if your front delts are lagging, do dumbbell front raises where you stand with your arms by your side and slowly bring the dumbbell through the motion until they are in line with your shoulders.
  • Light and heavy - Alternating between power sets and hypertrophy (muscle growth) sets allows you to get the best of both worlds in shoulder training: Strength and mass; but also it breaks the usual monotony of a regular shoulder routine.
  • High rep range - Highly recommended for great growth in the shoulder. This is individual dependent, but the people I've recommended this to have seen great gains in mass and shape in their shoulders.
Round, shapely shoulders are the result of developing all three heads so that together they form a round, capped shape that instantly conveys strength and an impressive physique

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Beginner Bodybuilding: Free Weights Vs. Machines

It is very tempting as a beginner to use the machines because they feel 'safe' for you and you might be able to perform the exercise with a lot of weight. The machine weights can offer benefits to someone who has never stepped into a gym before but can also offer some benefit to intermediate and advanced trainers (they may choose to use the machines to add creativity to their workout or to completely burn themselves out after coming from the free weight portion of their routine).

While as a beginner these machines may seem cool and even fun to do, you have to realize that their comes a point where your training must evolve; that is where free weights become a major part of training. Machines can be used to teach the feeling of proper muscle contraction, thereby giving you a good understanding of which free weight exercises can be used to train a particular muscle. The shortcoming is that machines do not teach you proper form and therefore you put yourself at risk for injury if you move too boldly into free weight training.

To make things clearer for you, I will outline the positives and negatives of each method of training:
Machine Weights - Positives
  • Easy to learn - Companies have simplified these machines to the point where basically anyone can hop on and perform the exercise. There is no learning curve involved which means you can dive immediately into training.
  • Keeps strict form - Machines keep you locked in a set range of motion which can be a good thing when you begin training and your stabiliser muscles haven't become strong enough to perform free weight exercises properly yet.
  • Comfort - The machines allow you to climatize to your new gym surroundings, helping you to feel more at ease; which is a big factor for most beginners.
Machine Weights - Negatives
  • Does not build raw strength - What I mean by this is that very few situations require you to pull or push something operating on a pulley or cable system. Real world strength is not built on a machine.
  • Potential Injury - The fact that you are locked in a range of motion is a double edged sword. It can be very safe and efficient for beginners but if you use it too often, you may pick up an injury. By being forced to perform an exercises in a certain path on each repetition leaves no room for what the 'natural' path that you body will take when performing the exercise. This may well lead to injury.
  • Low potential for growth - Cable machines offer very little in the way of adding mass on your frame.
Free Weights - Positives
  • High potential for growth - It is no secret that using free weights, while progressively increasing the amount of weight you use, builds both mass and strength.
  • Real world strength - Weights in everyday life are mostly free weights. By training with them in the gym, you become better at the activities that require strength to complete them because of the fact that you train with free weights in the gym.
  • Creation of dense muscle tissue - As mentioned before, using free weights allows your body to adapt to a greater degree of tension than it ever would compared to free weights. This means that your body responds by making your muscles larger in order to accommodate your rigorous training.
Free Weights - Negatives
  • High potential for injury - This point is really only valid if you do not master the proper form for an exercise in order to train safely. Lifting heavy weights is, in itself, a dangerous thing to do if you do not know how to do it properly and can cause major injuries.
  • Ego - The need to impress people and look very masculine with big heavy weights is something that can very well damage your progress and lead to injuries.
In conclusion, the beginner trainer should make free weight exercises the focus of training. This does not mean that you have to leave machines altogether, make space for them by all means, just use them less frequently than you normally would.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The View Of A Dedicated Trainer - What Is Wrong With People In The Gym Today

The whole point of going to the gym is self-improvement; one can train hard for many hours and be dedicated both in and outside of the gym to see the results that one wants. Through this; you grow as a person, bursting through negativity that once kept you from reaching these goals and now serve as inspiration to those who wish to do the same. It is a place where dedication and perseverance are richly rewarded and encouraged by those who have similar goals.

However, some people, as with all activities across the spectrum, have completely missed this point and take the gym far less seriously than they should. It is not difficult to see where these issues stem from; mass media presents gym goers as brainless muscle heads unable to expand their thinking beyond the confines of the gym. The popular 'jock' trend that is often seen across all forms of media helps to perpetuate this kind of thinking, bringing young and even the 'less young' people into the gym with the wrong kind of mindset to be both successful and integrative. Being very loud (here, I do not mean dropping weights loudly or grunting loudly), swearing, treating people very disrespectfully, making jokes about overweight people in the gym are all things that I constitute to be downright wrong and plain rude.

This principle where people act out what they see in the media is not exclusive to the gym however; but because you have to deal with these people on a regular basis, it can chafe your patience. These 'mainstream' people develop a kind of grandiose attitude because they now believe that the fact that they lift weights, allows them to act in this manner and that it is considered 'normal'.

Most of the people who display great physical development, fitness models for example, have attitudes that are so far removed from the attitude previously mentioned that one would find it be hard pressed to believe that the two groups were doing the same activity to meet the same ends. These other people do not understand the value inherent in helping others and encouraging them; it is in doing so that develop a good character. Whereas fitness models (or people with fitness model bodies) as well as professionals, will almost always be found to give a helping hand, good advice or words of encouragement. It is indeed sad that the discipline of bodybuilding should be tainted by such people; but one can do nothing except show people the correct behaviour by leading by example.

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Tricep Training: Top Tips For Impressive Triceps

Many trainers give so much focus to stimulating growth in their bicep that their tricep training begins to suffer. In these cases, the triceps may only be worked on chest and shoulder day, meaning that they only work in a secondary capacity. While beginners may be able to get away with this; the intermediate level trainer will run into problems if tricep training is neglected. Problems arise in all pressing movements (such as the bench press and shoulder press) because of the weak link in the chain; the triceps.

Another reason why tricep training is important (albeit, a vain one) is the role the triceps play in creating the illusion of having big, thick arms. While people are startled by the sight of impressive biceps, having lagging triceps is really just a big disappointment (Think getting stood up by a hot date disappointment). They add shape and width to the arm because they literally comprise two thirds of the arm, while the bicep accounts for the remainder.

Having strong triceps plays a massive factor in how much weight you can make use of for all pushing movements. Increasing your military or bench press requires you to have strong triceps in order to push the weight through the full range of motion; having weak ones will leave you shaking, bending your back and making too much use of your spotter for help to complete the motion. This leads to both injury and growing frustration because you won't be able to progress to heavier weights with your triceps lagging behind. Leave your ego behind and train your triceps using both the light and heavy weight that they need in order to grow. Nobody wants to be seen holding a very light pair of dumbbells but that's what most people need in order to bring up their lagging triceps.

Here are some effective tips to use to create powerful triceps:
  • Go heavy - Using a compound lift such as the close grip bench press, places more emphasis on the triceps rather than the chest muscles, while still remaining a multi-joint exercise. This means that you will be able to expose your triceps to much more weight than they're used to in a range of motion that is beneficial to them which will in turn spark new growth.
  • Go light - After using heavy weights for tricep training, turn to single joint exercises such as single arm dumbbell extenstion to really bring out the fullness of the long head of the tricep. Keep good form and complete a full range of motion with a flex of the tricep at the top of the movement.
  • Pushdowns - Tricep pushdowns are essential for stimulating the short head of the tricep, which can become very impressive if trained frequently and properly.
Never neglect your triceps as they provide a number of benefits when it comes to your other favourite muscle groups and the exercises you perform for them. Treat them well, and they will reward you.

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The Power Of Expectation: Why "Don't Get Your Hopes Up" Is The Worst Advice To Listen To

A life spent playing small is no life at all. When you invest the minimal amount in something, you can expect minimal returns as the result. The people who tell you that you shouldn't dream 'too big' (if your dreams aren't big, don't credit yourself with calling it a dream. Just call it a 'by the way'.) are definitely people who are living poor to mediocre lives.

They live safely, far away from the fringes for fear of falling off the edge. The problem with this is that you then become stuck on the same level throughout your life; you have no reason to climb higher if you've never been to the depths. If you never even attempt to climb, how can you assume to know where your limits are?

When you raise the bar for yourself on every single endeavour you undertake, the first few times you may fail. This is normal, it takes time for your mind to adjust to the new baseline for accomplishment you've set for it. But once the dissatisfaction sets in; your mind tears down the barriers that once dictated your level of accomplishment and begins plotting a path to solutions for your new expectations. Always remember that placing big bets allows you to reap big rewards and small ones; small rewards. 

If you expect to only go a small way up the mountain, that's exactly where you'll land up and the saddest part about that is that you'll be satisfied with that. You won't have any reason to go any further; you'll grow comfortable in being mediocre and then you'll perpetuate that poisonous advice "Don't get your hopes up". That phrase is exactly what is keeping the next Nelson Mandela or Donald Trump under the rug; it is the belief that when you play small there's a smaller capacity for pain. Pain molds your character, don't hide from it; embrace the lessons it can teach you! The most pain you will ever feel in your life will come near the twilight of your life and you wake up one day where you realize that you wasted your life placing low expectations for yourself. That is the ultimate pain; unlike any other that has or will ever exist is the pain of regret.

Raise the bar for yourself and you raise your worth. It forces you to change and learn the lessons that you need to become a true champion. It is never too late to change; do it today, don't dare waste another second with the bar pressed against the top of your head. Raise it to the sky!

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Go Mental: The Importance Of Mental Fortitude In All You Do

Have you ever taken the time to observe someone who doesn't believe that they're special or worth anything? Have you listened intently to the things that leave their mouth, or even the kind of music that they listen to? The way that their eyes have lost their sparkle and just look plain and devoid of colour?

It isn't that life has them beaten; its that they've managed to beat themselves! This topic has been re-visited so many times it is enough to make your head spin, but that should tell you just how important it is if you just take the time to comprehend the words written on this page.

Having a winning attitude, that is, filling your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations while keeping your negativity at bay. Soon enough, it becomes so easy to drown out the negative thoughts with the positives (you'll be turning the tables on your life completely when you do this) that whatever challenge you undertake will be bound to work. This can be anything from lifting weights, learning a new skill, beating a rival, starting a business venture, getting a girlfriend -- anything! Having your minds unwavering support means that whatever you do will have significantly greater chances of success than ever before. Having the mental fortitude to undertake a new challenge is characteristic of only the greatest men and women to have ever lived; they placed great faith in themselves as a result of their thinking. You have the power to succeed at virtually anything you set your mind to if you'd just make the change to think in a positive way.

I heard a great quote to capture this point perfectly: "You are where you are because of who you are. And if you want to get somewhere else, you're going to have to change something." You cannot expect different results if you keep everything the same! The chain of action starts in your thoughts and ends in a physical move, by that same logic, thinking and believing earnestly that you are a success will yield a result in the physical world that mirrors your thought process. If you hold the expectation that you will succeed, and that expectation is deeply rooted with belief, it becomes a kind of law that you will definitely succeed.

I don't want you to just read this article and feel inspired just for the moment and never act on it. Use your inspiration as fuel and make use of what I've written here for your benefit!

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